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Skovby sm733 Sideboard
  • Skovby sm733 Sideboard
  • Skovby sm733 Sideboard

    Skovby sm733 Sideboard

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    Skovby sm 733Wallmounted sideboard with a pure, modern appeal. The sideboard sm733 is well-equipped with one shelf, three trays and one room with a serving tray behind three sliding doors. The serving tray has a water and heat resistant, non-slip surface – perfect for serving and very easy to clean. If you do not wish to wallmount the sideboard it is possible to buy an under frame in wood or brushed steel, which gives the sideboard a whole new expression. The sideboard is also a pert of our module line MODO by Skovby which comprises a number of modules, which you can combine to suit your need and taste. They can hang on the wall, be fitted with a plinth or placed on legs of wood or steel.

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    (depth x width x height)
    47 × 180 × 60 cm
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