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Skovby sm742 TV Cabinet
  • Skovby sm742 TV Cabinet

    Skovby sm742 TV Cabinet

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    Skovby sm742 TV cabinet – A cabinet in the line of module furniture – MODO by Skovby – in a modern design. The Skovby sm742 TV cabinet has two wooden shelves and a Skovby Remote Link ®. Fitting for wall mounting are included. The Skovby sm742 TV cabinet can also be fitted with wooden plinth or legs in wood or stainless steel. The TV/Hi-Fi cabinet makes it possible to hide your AV equipment, and at the same time remote control the equipment by means of the Skovby Remote Link ®. Your Skovby Remote Link ® is compatible with all AV appliances receiving between 30-60 KHz, which is the standard of leading IR remote control brands.

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    (depth x width x height)
    47 × 120 × 60 cm
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