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Skovby sm87 TV Cabinet

Skovby sm87 TV Cabinet

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The sm87 TV cabinet is extremely stable and is of the same high quality as all other models of the Skovby collection. Behind the top drawers front there are hidden shelves and underneath two large drawers. The drawers are without handles and with non-slip bottom – perfect for hiding audio equipment, CDs etc. The upper drawers front are easily pulled out with a slight grip around the edges and the hidden shelf appears – an elegant solution for storage of DVD players and excellent for the remote controls of your equipment. The back panels are perforations, which can be pulled out for carrying through the wires – an easy and simple solution. The lower drawers are big and spacious – especially useful for storage of DVDs etc. and offering the opportunity to keep all the entertainment in one place. Your Skovby Remote Link ® is compatible with all AV appliances receiving between 30-60 KHz, which is the standard of leading IR remote control brands.

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(depth x width x height)
47 × 190 × 51 cm
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