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Skovby sm941 TV Cabinet
  • Skovby sm941 TV Cabinet

    Skovby sm941 TV Cabinet

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    Skovby sm941 TV cabinet with plenty of new features designed for the Skovby 900 line. The Skovby sm941 TV cabinet has room for the usual electronic AV appliances. The built-in Skovby Remote Link system makes it possible to control these, even when the flaps are closed. The Skovby sm941 TV cabinet is prepared for wall-hanging and mounting plates as well as fittings are included. The cabinet is easily adjusted to the right horizontal position and cords are led behind the middle section of the item. A base is also included so that the cabinet can be placed on the floor if needed. The Skovby sm941 TV cabinet is also prepared for the installation of a soundbar behind the middle flap, which is covered with an anodized perforated aluminum plate. Cords can be led from room to room inside the cabinet. Skovby Remote Link ® is compatible with all AV appliances receiving between 30-60 KHz, which is the standard of leading IR remote control brands.

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    (depth x width x height)
    44 × 194 × 40 cm
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