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Alstons Pacific Chair

Alstons Pacific Accent Chair

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Pacific collection can claim to be a truly Eco Friendly sofa!

Featuring fabrics made from 100% recycled yarns, Quallofill Blue fibre interiors made from recycled plastic and a wooden frame made from FSC timber. Even the packaging is produced from materials that have already been recycled.

Best of all the Pacific collection offers comfort alongside great value & is available in two sizes of armchair and 4 sofa sizes in a vast array of colours.

Pacific, is made from carefully sourced sustainable and recycled materials to create our first eco-friendly sofa. This model is still incredibly comfortable, so sit back, relax, and feel good about helping improve our planet and wellbeing! Fabrics are made from 100% recycled yarns, processed from post-consumer plastic waste before it reaches our beaches or the sea. The fibre fillings are Quallofil® Blue made from recycled plastic from Plastic Bank, globally recognised as one of the most important solutions to stop plastic from entering our oceans. Our Cold Cure moulded seat cushions use a water-based recipe, and we guarantee them for 10 years, whilst they produce only 6% waste compared with regular foam that produces more than 27% waste with a much shorter longevity. The wooden frame uses FSC® certified timber, and the sofa feet are produced from beech trees grown in sustainable forests, hand finished with water-based lacquers. The springs can be completely recycled and even our packaging is produced from materials that have been recycled already.

H: 880mm
W: 840mm
D: 860mm

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