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Hartmann Runa Bookcase

Hartmann Runa Bookcases

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Hartmann Runa bookcases with anthracite metal and bark accent and shelving

At home in natural surroundings! This guiding idea was the result of the overall development of the RUNA living and dining room range.

The bark gives the range a unique, natural look and as such, it ensures a pleasant, peaceful living atmosphere. The processed natural solid oak heartwood has typical features e.g. heartwood splits and splay knots and as such, this underlines the wild, rough character of the line. Stylistically, in combination with cool metal, it creates extremely exciting drama.

The straightforward design, the applied craftsmanship and, above all, the appealing and modern mix of materials make RUNA a real eye-catcher. It is the contrast between the very modern zeitgeist and authentic nature that makes the unique charm of RUNA.

Runa’s elaborate designs create a look that is reduced to the essential – nature. Open up completely new storage spaces with the metal wall shelves and the rear panel made of bark.