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Andrena Cotswold Tall Wine Rack

Andrena Henley Tall Wine Rack

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For wine lovers, we have these beautiful cabinets that will be at home in any kitchen or dining room. Both cabinets hold up to twenty bottles. The shorter version has a drawer for all the necessary bottle openers and accessories and it is finished with a gorgeous oak top. The taller version, also includes a storage drawer and integrates an open display top with adjustable shelving, perfect for creating a decorative display to suit your room.

Henley is a high quality and comprehensive selection of pieces hand made with care and attention to detail by skilled craftsmen in Great Britain. Each piece has been made from sustainable materials which have been responsibly sourced. The timber used has been selected with care in order to give the best possible appearance and finish.

Drawers are fitted with high quality soft close mechanisms and cabinets are fitted with height adjustable shelving to maximise storage and display potential.

Henley celebrates the beauty of oak by reflecting the life of the tree in each individual piece. Henley goes through a careful finishing process to preserve the character of the timber, so whether you need a family kitchen centrepiece or to fill or an elegant dining room, we have the perfect solution with this outstanding range.

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(depth x width x height)
38 × 74 × 201 cm
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