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Himolla Azure Recliner

Himolla Azure Easy Swing Armchair

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A recliner that makes you feel good: with its flexible headrest, the Azure recliner does not just offer excellent relaxation; it also promotes back health. The spinal column is perfectly supported in all sitting positions to allow for long periods of sitting without any strain being placed on your back. The ergonomic chair comes in various versions – from manual to electric, and even with lift and rise function.

Easy Swing – comfort in every position

In order to be able to provide the greatest possible seating comfort whatever your size and stature, the Easy Swing luxury armchair is available in three different sizes (Small, Medium and Large). The manually adjustable headrest ensures that you can read, watch television or even sleep in comfort by relieving the strain on the neck and promoting the relaxation of the muscles. Five different base plate options ensure an exquisite appearance. The options are stainless steel finish, as a wooden base with stainless steel ring, a base in powder-coated anthracite or as a star base.

The Azure armchair comes in three different versions:

  • manual adjustment
  • three motors
  • three motors with Lift & Rise

In addition, the himolla Easy Swing is also available with an external battery.


  • Recliner with numerous possibilities
  • 3 different versions
  • 3 sizes
  • Seat heights: 44, 46 and 50 cm
  • Seat depths: 52, 54 and 56 cm
  • Seat width: 48 cm
  • 5 base frames: star base (stainless-steel look, anthracite), base plate (metal, anthracite), wooden base with stainless steel ring
  • 2 seat tensions: Superlastic soft, Superlastic med
  • External battery
  • Separate manual or electric adjustment of leg rest and backrest
  • Electric Lift & Rise
  • Manual or electric tilt angle adjustment of headrest
  • 360° swivel


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