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Nolte Moebel Attraction Wood
  • Nolte Moebel Attraction Wood
    Nolte Mobel

    Nolte Mobel Attraction Wood

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    Attraction Wood is a sliding door wardrobe featuring a charming contrast between contemporary doors to the right and left, and a traditional, somewhat thicker centre door with a wooden finish.
    Matching, understated lines tie it all together into a unified wardrobe with a sophisticated design. The outer doors (A) come finished in either plain/wood or glass providing you with a price option. The centre door (B) is available in natural-looking shades; Icona Beech, Macadamia or Sonoma Oak. In classic Nolte fashion, handles are available in chrome, aluminium and coloured finishes.

    Lasting materials and durable workmanship makes all Attraction wardrobes open easily and close quietly.

    Nolte® furnishings live with you — and never stop being fun.

    Choose from:
    • 6 door finishes
    • 3 carcas finishes
    • 5 handle trims
    • Twist linen or Birch interior

    223 cm

    69 cm / 58 cm

    Each wardrobe section contains two shelves and a hanging rail. Twist Linen or Birch Finish.

    Further accessories like Tie Racks, Trouser Holders, Shoe Racks etc. are available

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