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ROM Rico Prince
  • ROM Rico Prince2

    ROM Rico Prince  Chair

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    Say hello to the cooler, younger and trendier version of the elegant and stylish King and Queen armchairs, aptly named the Prince chair. The new style will make the perfect addition to any modern home, due to its versatile and contemporary appearance.

    Unlike the King and Queen armchairs, which feature a high back with armrests and low back with armrests respectively, the bolder and edgier Prince features a low back with no armrests. The design team at ROM was keen to create an accompanying chair to the King and Queen having seen how popular they had proven. Their aim was to create a unique but versatile piece of furniture, which would look stylish whether it was the primary chair in a room, paired together with another Prince chair or mixed and matched with a King or Queen armchair.


    • Single chair with an elegant ribbon detail
    • Seat comfort: Fifty5
    • Model available in two-tone colour
    • Large choice of legs
    • Contrast piping available upon request
    • Choice of 14 different thread colours

    Dimensions H97 x W89 x D84cm

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