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    Stressless Wave Corner Sofa

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    Inspired by the gentle waves of the ocean – the name gave itself. Stressless Wave represent true innovation in comfort technology. Individual reclining seats makes the seat automatically adjusts to your body’s movement, choose between low and high back – sit down and drift off.

    Glide System

    Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight.

    Plus System

    Finally, a moment to yourself to recharge your batteries. Watch a film, read a good book or just wind down. Lean back and notice how the chair follows your movements.

    The unique Plus™ system always gives you maximum comfort and support for your neck and lumbar region, regardless of whether you’re sitting or lying down. The sleep function is activated with a simple hand movement, making your moments of comfort even better. Sleep tight.

    Choice of 61 leather and 21 fabrics

    Also available as:
    Chair High Back
    Chair Low Back
    2 Seater Low Back
    2 Seater High Back
    3 Seater Low Back
    3 Seater High Back

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