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Nolte Concept ME Bed2
Nolte Mobel

Nolte Möbel concept ME Bed with under bed drawers

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There have never been so many ways to shape your life according to your own rules. So why shouldn’t the same apply to your bedroom? That’s the reason Nolte created the new concept me bedroom range.

Nolte understand that everyone is unique. There is no good or bad taste – just an endless variety of styles. And then there is your sense of taste, perhaps the most important of them all. With concept me, Nolte give you the tools you need to make your home as perfect as possible. Taste, though, is just one factor. Our lives change and we have to adapt to these changes. Young families and single person households have completely different furnishing requirements. And a young couple and a family with three children have very different interests.

concept me offers you almost as many options as there are people: with styles from pure to natural, a wide variety of sizes and infinite extendability. Simply combine the elements you like best.

But however different lives and dreams may be – our bedrooms all have a few things in common: they are easy to design, offer smart storage space solutions and are highly durable.

So don’t just get the most out of your life – get the most out of your bedroom, too. With concept me.

Sometimes life is quite exciting enough – we all welcome a little clarity and calm when we come home. With a combination of silk grey and white, for example. These closely related tones create slight contrasts in brightness and a fascinating interaction of light and shade. Which make it rather exciting after all.

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